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Network Test Automation

The solution to increase equipment utilization in the laboratory and network and to accelerate functional validation and performance is to automate everything.
The key to a long-term automation solution is to select the right tools, processes and people who will define a solution that works today without losing sight of the future.

Netmeytrix has been introducing automation tools to several clients for years. Of these, some have implemented the solution within their Operations and Support teams.

What was the main reason for doing so?

- TIME: The realization of automations with our tools, due to its easy GUI, makes the development times to be reduced drastically. In some cases, time reductions of more than 90% have been achieved
- SIMPLICITY: Due to the graphic interface and ease of use, with a basic knowledge of programming, very complex scripts can be created.
- OPTIMISATION: Possibility to automate most of the manual tasks
- ABSOLUTE: We have not found any interface or equipment that could not be automated.

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Examples of automations carried out by our clients in network operations

- Backup management of our equipment (execution, backup movement between nodes and servers, deletion policies, etc...) to automate this treatment in networks where the dispersion of hw/sw equipment is complex.
- Automatic and updated inventories of sw and hw equipment.

- Extraction and processing of reports.
- Collection of serial numbers from all plant cards
- Extraction of temperature readings from equipment cards
- Extraction of optical parameters
- Implementation of recurrent actions on the plant: normalisation of circuits.

- Automatización de la comunicación entre herramientas donde no existe API o servicio específico.
- Automatización centralizada del seguimiento y resultado de tareas periódicas en tecnologías dispersas.
- Automatización de análisis de eventos

- Consult a list of equipment and save backups.
- Consult a list of equipment and review distribution routes, DWDM, X25 lines, Macrolan, etc.


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